About Us

Electric Sheep Factory

Electric Sheep Factory is a small-time import store based in Montreal, Quebec, specialising in bringing you exclusives and hard-to-find collectibles from Japan! Our first debute was at Montreal's Otakuthon in 2013 and we had a blast meeting other fans and collectors. And who knows? We may attend more anime conventions in the area in the future. We look forward to continuing our business online with old and new customers alike!

We have a strict "No Bootleg Policy" so we can assure you that all our products are 100% officially licensed. You may wonder why our prices may be high, and that's because we pride ourselves on bringing you authentic quality and rare products that have been directly brought over from Japan. These are not knock-offs or factory rejects like those commonly found on eBay and other convention booths that sell for cheap.

A lot of the new items listed here are "open box" but that is only due to them originally being in blind boxes that are opened to see what's inside. Your order will include the item and the original box, flattened, because, well, why wouldn't you want to keep their cute packaging?

ESF's sheepy mascot was designed by the talented and good friend, Endji.


The Admin!

It started out as me, Feria, being introduced to a Pokemon collectors' Live Journal community by a fellow coworker. Back then I had lost interest in the series but all things changed (for better or worse) when I started being active in the community. My love for Pokemon had been renewed and my desire to collect cute merchandise knew no bounds. My following trip to Japan a year later became a full-on Pokemon Center excusion, visiting the ones in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. One of my dream goals is to visit every Pokemon Center there is!

I've been meaning to open a webstore for about 4 years but life and time constraints got in the way. After years of hard work, it's finally a reality! There are still some quirks to fix and a mountain pile of merchandise to include in the database, so please bear with me. At first I was mainly going to be selling Pokemon merchandise but then I realized I wanted to expand. I had too much anime and video game stuff I wanted to get rid of and buy, so I figured, why not include them too?

All items found in the store are things I'd normally buy for myself or had been previously owned by yours truly, which is why there is a limited choice of series. I rather sell things I'm passionate about, because deep down, I'm just a fangirl with not enough room space. It's always great meeting new people that share the same fandoms and hobbies!

Feel free to contact me about certain unavailable products from collections listed here, and I'll see if I have it available in my private collection! I sometimes keep them for myself but I am willing to part with them if you interested. I keep my pre-owned items in pristine condition unless otherwise noted.

- Feria